Grooming - The Pawsh Way

Pawsh provides meticulous dog styling by our award-winning groomers. We don't
bombard you with add-ons, subscriptions and strange options.  Our goal is
your goal....a clean & beautifully groomed companion using the safest and
most effective products available in the industry.  The perfect groom
starts with an extremely clean and bone dry (pun intended) puppy prior
to reaching the groomer's table.We've been at it for over 13 years and
here's how we get there:



Using the Prima bathing system,
oxygen is mixed under pressure with the shampoo and water solution so that when
it is released into the coat, it is fully activated for cleansing. The
air-injected, low-volume, high-pressure applicator enhances the ability of the
shampoo to cut through the oil and dirt clinging to the pet’s coat and skin,
for a cleansing you simply cannot get with other methods.  This technology
helps rejuvenate the pet’s epidermis by oxygenating underneath the fur, opening
up the pores and completely cleansing them of oils and bacteria. This helps
restore a youthful sheen and vigor to the animals coat, skin, and nails.


In order to achieve an even haircut,
a dog's coat must be free of tangles, totally dry and blown straight
out....very much like when you go to the hair salon.  We use a forced cool
air hand dryer after the bath, a dryer with different speed settings and
nozzles that safely blows the water off of the dog's coat.  When the dog's
body has been fully dried in the tub and on the bathing room table we then use
a gentle drying nozzle for their sensitive areas (face and ears).  We have
aids like the Happy Hoodie to make the drying process as stress-free as
possible and we also will allow the dog to finish drying with cage dryers (no
heating elements) if they are bothered by the force dryers.  The fully
dried guest is then brought to the grooming room for their haircut.


Tangled hair hurts and there are
instances when a dog is so matted that it is not humane to attempt brushing
them completely out in just one session.  You may have heard stories about
a dog that was shaved down at the groomers.  From experience we will tell
you that sometimes this is the best and kindest option to help release tension
in the skin that is being strangled by the pulling of the ever-tightening hair
above it.  Tight, pelt-like hair above the skin can trap in moisture and
bacteria leading to irritation and even infection.  We do our very best to
educate owners about the importance of daily brushing for dogs with hair that
is prone to matting.  The only way we can provide a beautiful, long
haircut is if your dog is not excessively matted when they arrive for their
appointment and if they are tolerant of the brushing and dematting process.
 A long-haired dog is a lot of homework...but very much worth it!


We reserve appointments throughout
the day to ensure that your dog has an intimate spa session with their groomer.
 Once your dog reaches the groomer's table, he/she is clean, dry and ready
for the magic.  Whether it's a Standard Poodle going into a Continental
clip, a Shih-Tzu getting a one length all over puppy-cut, a Maltese being
hand-scissored or a Boston Terrier getting a special dry-nose essential oil
treatment, our stylists spend their time with your dog ensuring they look their
best and have a low-stress experience in our grooming salon located upstairs
away from the moisture and noise of the bathing/drying room.


We are currently unable to accept new grooming clients or clients that haven't been to Pawsh in the last 4 months. We are a small shop and we are doing our
very best to stay very loyal to those customers who have stuck with us through a challenging time while maintaining our high standards.  For existing clients
we are booking approximately 6 weeks in advance for weekdays (Mon-Fri) and 10
weeks for Saturdays.

Due to space/equipment constraints
we do not accept the following sizes & breeds:

- Any dog over 70 pounds

- Standard Poodle

- Goldendoodle (>50 pounds)

- Labradoodle (>50 pounds)

- Bernadoodle

- Sheepadoodle

- Wheaton Terrier

- Chow Chow

- Old English Sheepdog

- Siberian Husky

- German Shepherd

- Samoyed

- Alaskan Malamute

- Bernese Mountain Dog

- Akita

- Komondor

- Puli

- Bouvier


- Clients are required to meet with the groomer for a brief consultation at the beginning of each appointment.

- New clients must sign a grooming agreement form confirming their dog is up to date on all vaccinations, in ample health for grooming and agreeing to our salon policies.

- We will not accept new dogs if they have any health/age issues that will limit their ability to endure the grooming process.

- We do not accept new dogs that are over 12 years of age.

- All dogs must be comfortable and calm in a crate as they will stay in crate (with a blanket) when they are not actively being groomed.

- Owners are not permitted to wait in the grooming area while their dog is being groomed. You are welcome to wait in the retail store until the groom is completed.

- Upon drop off, the groomer will inform the owner how long the groom will take. Most appointments fall within the 2-3.5 hour range. We can never give an exact duration for each groom since the same dog could take 2 hours one time and 3 hours the next.

- If owners need to pick their dog up within a certain time frame, please alert us when making the appointment.

- Dogs must be picked up within one hour of groom completion or containment fee of $20 per 15 minutes will be automatically applied to your bill. Pawsh will refuse future service if a customer consistently fails to pick up their dog within the one hour post-grooming window.

- If necessary, please call within 24 hours to cancel a scheduled appointment. If an appointment is not cancelled within 24 hours, the full groom price will be charged automatically. We will have a discussion regarding your dog's future as a client after the second offense. A valid credit card is required to hold all appointments.

- We understand the challenges of getting to appointments on time, but to serve our other clients, we will need to reschedule your appointment if you’re more than 15 minutes late (no-show fee will apply). Pawsh will refuse future service if a customer is consistently late dropping off.

- All quoted price estimates are subject to change based on the condition of the dog's coat upon arrival.

- Pawsh reserves the right to cut short or refuse grooming services at any time if we determine the dog is showing signs of aggression, adverse health or extreme stress.


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