Holiday Travel with Your Dog

Holiday Travel with Your Dog

As the holidays approach, many of us are preparing for travel with our four-legged family members. Whether by car or by plane, make traveling with your puppy as smooth as possible with these pet travel products.

1)      SturdiBags


These carriers are airline approved (check your airline provider for specific measurement regulations) and provide four-way ventilation and comfort for your dog. 

The Sturdibag comes in a variety of sizes, and also features a flex-height feature so that you can push the top of the bag down to fit under the seat in front of you in an airplane without sacrificing the “sturdy” overall structure.

You can also run a seat belt through the strap of these carriers for car travel with your dog.

As with all pet carriers, get your dog acquainted with the carrier ahead of time.  Leave it unzipped in your home and drop a treat inside.  Your dog may even become so used to the carrier that they prefer it as it makes them feel safe!

2)      Pet Car Seat & Dog Seat Belts

Another way to keep your pup safe in the car is to use a dog-specific car seat.  It is important to keep your dog contained to a specific spot in the car in the event of an accident your dog can become a projectile.  Please NEVER hold your dog on your lap either while driving or as a passenger.  If an air bag inflates, it can severely injure or even kill your dog upon impact.


Car Seat recommendation

Dog Seat Belt (Only attach to a harness, DO NOT ATTACH TO A COLLAR)


3)      Keeping your Dog Calm & Entertained

If your pup shows signs of anxiety during car or airplane rides, there are a few items that can help keep your dog calm during travel.

CBD Oil, the oil from hemp (without the THC), can help to keep your dog calm.  It can be applied to a treat, or put in your dog’s food.  If your dog will allow you to drop the oil right under his/her tongue, even better!

Some treats are now available that are infused with CBD, like Austin & Kat.

Another natural remedy for calming your pet is Rescue Remedy. This homeopathic remedy can be administered orally or put directly on the dog’s ears. 


NaturVet Quiet Moments also helps to manage anxiety in your dog.  It contains natural melatonin to help promote rest and relaxation, as well as thiamin and L-Tryptophan to help with stress and tension.


Even if your dog is not anxious, but does need entertainment during travel, a strong chew like a Benebone, can keep your pup busy. As with any chew, always keep an eye on your dog to be sure he/she has not chewed off a large piece that could cause choking.

4)      Travel Food Containers & Bowls

Looking for a travel solution for your dog’s food and bows?  Try the TRAVEL-tainer, an all-in-one food/water bowl and food storage container.


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